Monday, October 28, 2013

Senator Marco Rubio, City of Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado, Judicial Qualifications Commission: Do not allow Judge William Thomas to ever serve in any Florida Court under any circumstances!

Judge William Thomas is a disgrace to the Judicial System.  He does not have the competency to judge at the Federal District Court level.  Experience and conscience judgement does!

1) On Judge Thomas's civil courtroom behavior:

Judge William Thomas has purposely landlocked property owners from their own commercial property in Miami. The ruling is in favor of (of course) a wealthy developer who heavily contributes to the Democratic Party! Ted and Robin Vernon own the land at 471 NE 79th St, Miami, Florida. The easement that was provided on the deed of the land purchased by Ted Vernon was on the left side of the property. It was an appropriate easement to conduct business for over 30 years. Ted Vernon Specialty Autos provided jobs to quite a few of Miami Dade's citizens in that area.  Because Judge Thomas decided to rule in favor of Green East without a valid reason superseding an existing ruling that took place in 1957, the business lost profits, people lost their jobs and the business had to undergo the costs of acquiring and moving to another location.  Doesn't that make us wonder how powerful Green East is and why on earth would Judge Thomas render a decision like that? That's because he sided with the largest contributor to the Democratic Party in South Florida. Stephen Bittel, one of the stockholders of the land owner was the principal owner of Terranova Corporation, who also managed the property.(

2) Two Examples of Judge Thomas Criminal Court Rulings:

10 years after Joel Lebron and his buddies brutally gang-raped 18 year old Ana Maria Angel in 2002, Judge William Thomas openly WEPT as he pronounced the death sentence for Joel Lebron! He made Ana Maria Angel's mother WAIT 10 long suffering years (and originally threw out the confession of Lebron and another suspect, Jesus Roman) before finally giving the death sentence in this heinous crime! (

Michele Traverso left a Coconut grove bar drunk out of his mind, drove on the Rickenbacker Causeway and killed Aaron Cohen, a cyclist peddling along the Rickenbacker Causeway. Judge William Thomas could have sentenced Traverso to as many as 35 years in prison - yet only sentenced him to 364 days in jail!! (

Senator Rubio, please continue to represent your electorates by refusing to advance Judge William Thomas!  Judge Thomas favors the attorneys who want his advancement!

In closing, and to be emphasized, my friends, associates, affiliates, property owners, business owners, citizens of the United States, we have a judge here in Miami who has judicially landlocked my property.  The law of the land today is on file with the city of Miami courthouse.  In 1956, my predecessors fought and won the same battle in court with the Biscayne Plaza.  They won.  They actually got an injunction against the Biscayne Plaza.  How is it that 30 years later, how I and the entire world has accessed my property - I have to close the front door? I am put out of business! That's what you have when you have a judge that is incompetent and/or ruling on the other side!

Let's address this my fellow petitioners before Rubio is forced to issue a blue slip for Judge Thomas!