Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December 17 2013 Protest in front of Senator Marco Rubio's Office Against Judge William Thomas Nomination

Rev. Carl Johnson's 93rd Street Community Baptist Church called a protest in front of Senator Marco Rubio's office insisting the Senator turn in the "blue slip" for Miami Circuit Court Judge William Thomas to ascend to the Federal Court level.  They did not expect any opposition.  We caught them totally by surprise.

While we started to assemble on the sidewalk in front of Senator Rubio's South West Dade office at 8669 NW 36th Street, Doral, Florida, we encountered shocking reaction from this so-called Christian Community Church.  We were yelled racial obscenities by this group and were pushed into the on-coming traffic - just until the Doral Police showed up to stop them and separate them from us....so these are the type of people that support Judge William Thomas???  Doesn't this tell you the entire picture of what you can expect from this judge???
Marco Rubio, Rev. Carl Johnson, South Beach Classics,Pastor Carl Johnson, Judge William Thomas, Green East, Ted Vernon, Robin Vernon, Stephen Bittel, Miami
(Above photo depicts Francis "Dave" Ragoo from Rev. Carl Johnson's 93rd Street Community Baptist Church yelling racial slurs at our protestors.  Mr. Ragoo was telling our protestor that he would "pay him more money than whatever he got for him to walk away and put the sign down". )

We are a group of diverse individuals.  In our group, there are Hispanics, Whites and African Americans.  The Hispanics in our group were yelled "Go back to Cuba!".  An elderly woman outright stated that "nothing could be done to her because she was elderly" consistantly hurled her body against one of our female protesters in the absolute intent to have her pushed into the on-coming traffic and run over by an automobile.  Our African American protestors were told that "they should be ashamed they were black and not supporting a black judge".  This protest was not about race, color, creed, religion, or sexual affiliation. It is about the basic human rights and land ownership rights that were taken from us. 

Marco Rubio,Pastor Carl Johnson, Rev. Carl Johnson, South Beach Classics, Judge William Thomas, Green East, Ted Vernon, Robin Vernon, Stephen Bittel, Miami
(One of our protestors harrassed and cajoled by Rev. Carl Johnson's Baptist Church members.  They were yelling racial slurs at us.)

Is this what Rev. Carl Johnson preaches his followers to do? Is this a peaceful protest by a Christian group?Why does Rev. Johnson stir hatred and riot-like behavior in his congregation?  They bullied us to no end.

Marco Rubio, Pastor Carl Johnson, Rev. Carl Johnson, South Beach Classics, Judge William Thomas, Green East, Ted Vernon, Robin Vernon, Stephen Bittel, Miami
(Rev. Carl Johnson's protester Faye Davis jumps in front of our group to show her sign)

We will always protest Judge William Thomas's nomination to the Federal Court.  It is the right of every American to assemble.  Judge Thomas ignored a Supreme Court Order allowing South Beach Classics to use the existing easement.  South Beach Classic paid taxes on the property including the easement.  Judge Thomas saw fit to give full right of the easement to Green East - a wealthy real estate development group where Stephen Bittel is a member - the full easement. Stephen Bittel is a large contributor to the Democratic Party - a big wig in Washington Politics often appearing in photos seated next to President Obama. 

In essence, Judge Thomas landlocked the business and fined it to get its cars out of the building. We are a small business that is protesting to regain our right to our property.   How many other small business owners have suffered at the hands of Judges with agendas to further their career?  We're here to help those whose voices have not been heard or cannot call to protest like we have.  This is America - not a communist country where we have no rights.
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Friday, November 1, 2013

Ted Vernon Specialty Autos and the 40th Annual Daytona Turkey Run

Ted Vernon is a one of a kind personality who's keen eye is highly valued in the Automobile Industry. Mr. Vernon's specialty is the niche market of Antique, Classic and Muscle cars. His enterprise, Ted Vernon Specialty Autos has been in existence for over 30 years as a world renowned specialty automobile dealership in Miami, Florida.

Besides his incredible expertise in the Specialty Automobile market, Mr. Vernon is a legend in his own time. Ted Vernon's career spans into a successful movie actor, film producer and professional prizefighter. He currently stars with his beautiful wife Robin as the principal in his own realty cable TV series “South Beach Classics” currently shown on the Velocity Channel. On his realty show, Mr. Vernon imparts some well heeled experience in the Classic, Antique, Muscle and Specialty car industry providing insider secrets exclusively acquired by him. “South Beach Classics” is full of comical banter and entertainment.

The Daytona Turkey Run is the biggest classic car show of the year, which is why Ted Vernon included it in his first season of “South Beach Classics”. As the caravan of beautiful classic cars heads up north to Daytona Beach, Ted Vernon will be leading the pack to the 40th Annual Daytona Turkey Run.

Thursday, October 31, 2013


Incredible, but true...thanks to Judge William Thomas - YOU TOO can have your business and livlihood ruined if a Real Estate Developer (with deep pockets is a large contributor and a huge influencer of the Democratic Party) wants your easement/right of access!!

Just remember that your JOB can be taken away by a Judge who rules in favor of a Real Estate Developer!  

This can happen to YOU!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

NJDC Vice-Chair Stephen Bittel’s Nomination Speech for DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz

NJDC Vice-Chair Stephen Bittel’s Nomination Speech for DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz

David Streeter — May 10, 2011 – 3:09 pm | Democrats Comments (0) Add a comment
On May 4, 2011 Democratic National Committee (DNC) At-Large member and National Jewish Democratic Council Vice-Chair of Development Stephen Bittel delivered one of the nominating speeches on behalf of Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), who was confirmed as the new chair of the DNC. 
Good afternoon, I’m Stephen Bittel, a DNC Member from the great State of Florida. Today, I have the honor and privilege of batting cleanup. You’ve heard from three of our distinguished DNC colleagues about why Debbie will make a fantastic DNC Chair and I want to support what everyone has said.
In my many years playing baseball, I always dreamed of batting cleanup - the problem was I could not really hit. Well, President Barack Obama really got a hit when he asked Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz to serve as Chair of our Democratic National Committee.  In fact, I think he knocked it right out of the park.
I can say this with confidence because I know this woman - I have seen her passion, her commitment, her tireless work. I have gotten her phone calls, her texts, and her emails at all hours of the day and night. This is a person who never stops thinking, never stops dreaming, and never stops working to move our country forward. 
So all of us in South Florida are more than willing to share our Congresswoman with you, because we could not imagine a more outstanding, or qualified person to help re-elect President Obama and move America forward. I think we can all imagine a stronger country-a country with the best education system, the most robust economy, the most opportunity, innovation and growth - and  I think we can all agree that Debbie Wasserman Schultz will help President Obama get us there.
And let me tell you how I know she’ll do a great job: One evening a few years ago, my wife and I were out with Debbie and her husband Steve at a sporting event, and I asked her how she felt about being known wherever she went in her district, and people always asking her for help with one thing or another. She didn’t hesitate to respond that she loved it and that it was her job. She said she wanted to help every single person who needed her help-in fact, that is why she sought her seat in Congress and that’s why she’s so good at her job. And that’s the same thing that is going to make her outstanding at this job.  She genuinely cares, and because she cares, she will apply herself 1000% to the goal of strengthening our party.
Now, some of you might wonder: how does she do it all? Well, if there is a superwoman-her name is Debbie Wasserman Schultz. She is smart, bold, strong, energetic and she knows how to WIN and she can leap all building in a single bound! Debbie also can count one thousand percent on the support of every member of her family- who are here today.  
But, what I think is truly inspiring about Debbie is that she is a clear illustration of the idea that in this country, if we apply ourselves-if we out prepare, out organize and over deliver - everything is possible. No matter where you come from, or where your parents or grandparents came from. No matter your religious beliefs, or your sexual preference. Regardless of the color of your skin, or your gender - you can reach for your dreams.  
As DNC Chair, Debbie will work hard to make sure that our party and President protects that dream for all Americans. Debbie is ready.  She is eager and dedicated to fighting for our rights and for our future, and she will not quit.
We have a lot of work to do in the next 18 months. We have a lot of elections to win-from mayors, to state legislators, Governors, Members of Congress, Senators, and yes, President Obama. The road ahead is long and at times it will seem steep. But you can count on my friend, your friend, our friend Debbie Wasserman Schultz to have our backs, to have the President’s back, to encourage us, to lead us, and to reinvigorate us.   
I’d like to end with this thought:  we are Democrats, and what keeps us working together day after day is an overriding passion to make our communities, our states, our country and the world better for each living person. Our work together makes a difference.
In my faith’s tradition, every Jewish child is taught of their obligation for Tikkun Olam - the need to personally work to heal the world.  I take this teaching very seriously and I know that Debbie is personally committed to this principle as well. It is that internal burning need that drives Debbie to help us to secure for ourselves and our children and grandchildren every opportunity we can dream of.  
Well, this is my only chance to bat clean up and now it is time for me to do my job and get this election going.
President Obama got it so right when he asked Congressman Debbie Wasserman Schultz to accept the enormous responsibility to Chair the DNC and help lead us to victory in 2012.  In now officially placing her name in nomination as our DNC Chair—-ohh does that sound good——I ask you to join me in making our vote unanimous for my friend, your friend, our friend, Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Article in Politico that CLEARLY STATES that Stephen Bittel, founder of Terranova Corp is Chairman of PAC, a major generator of campaign cash for House Democrats

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz leaves the U.S. Capitol in Washington while speaking with a reporter. | John Shinkle/POLITICO
Wasserman Schultz’s arrangement reveals a division in Democratic circles. | John Shinkle/POLITICOClose
As chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz follows President Barack Obama’s fundraising rules, so she doesn’t accept federal lobbyist and political action committee campaign contributions.
But her old leadership PAC, Democrats Win Seats, isn’t turning K Street away.

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The PAC, a major generator of campaign cash for House Democrats, is holding an inside-the-Beltway fundraiser later this month co-hosted by nearly a half-dozen lobbyists — the kind of event the White House rule is meant to curb.
And though Wasserman Schultz stepped down as chairwoman of the PAC earlier this year, some ties remain. Stephen Bittel, a longtime Democratic supporter, who spoke on behalf of Wasserman Schultz’s candidacy to lead the DNC, has taken over as chairman. Her father, Lawrence Wasserman, is still listed as the group’s treasurer on Federal Election Commission reports. And the political action committee continues to use her initials — DWS — to raise money.
Wasserman Schultz’s spokesman, Jonathan Beeton, wrote in an email that the Florida lawmaker has not had “any involvement with the PAC since becoming DNC chair.” Beeton also wrote that DWS PAC is looking for a new treasurer to replace Lawrence Wasserman.
Wasserman Schultz’s arrangement is perfectly legal but reveals a division in Democratic circles: Obama and the DNC might turn down K Street cash, but their fellow Democrats in Congress go right ahead and take it.
And there’s good reason. Reelection committees and leadership PACs are largely funded by corporate and lobbyist contributions.
For example, Wasserman Schultz has received about $3.8 million in donations from political action committees since entering the House in 2005 — just over half of all the money her campaign has taken in. And lobbyists have contributed about $223,000 to her campaigns, according to OpenSecrets.org. Her DWS PAC has received about $870,000 from PACs since 2006, FEC records show.
In May, DWS PAC raised $102,000 from corporate PACs and lobbying groups like the Wine and Spirit Wholesalers of America, Pfizer, National Venture Capital Association and the New Democrat Coalition PAC. Nearly $80,000 of those contributions came on or before May 4, when Wasserman Schultz officially terminated her involvement with the PAC.
Since then, DWS PAC has been largely dormant — raising just $2,000 in August, from Takeda Pharmaceuticals North America.
But rather than shutter the PAC completely, Miami-based developer Bittel, who has long supported Wasserman Schultz, is now acting as chairman of the committee, according to Beeton.
In addition to serving as chairman and founder of real estate firm Terranova Corp. and president of Petroleum Realty Investment Partners, a venture firm investing in gas stations and convenience stores, he has been an at-large member of the Democratic National Committee since 2009.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1011/65591.html#ixzz2j98Boy2x

Bittel did not respond to several requests for comment. However, he has long been a big Democratic donor and a booster organizing fundraising. Bittel has contributed nearly $165,000 to Democratic candidates, lawmakers and party committees, according to FEC records.
He contributed $3,100 to Wasserman Schultz’s reelection committee.

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He has also put his political weight behind her. In his role as DNC at-large member and National Jewish Democratic Council vice chairman of development, Bittel delivered one of the nominating speeches on behalf of Wasserman Schultz, saying “I have seen her passion, her commitment, her tireless work. I have gotten her phone calls, her texts and her emails at all hours of the day and night.”
According to Beeton, Bittel is “a supporter of the congresswoman and knew that the PAC would be dissolved when she became chair and offered to take it over.”
The website, which listed Wasserman Schultz as honorary chairwoman and featured a photo of the Florida lawmaker, now opens to a contribution link.
Now, under Bittel’s direction, several Wasserman Schultz allies are stepping up to keep DWS PAC on the fundraising map.
“We love Debbie, and we understand why she had to walk away from this PAC,” Democratic lobbyist John Michael Gonzalez said. “People forget that a lot of us are former Democratic staffers, and we know how important it is that our members and candidates get the resources they need.”
Gonzalez is one of several lobbyists listed as co-hosts of an Oct. 25 fundraiser

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/1011/65591_Page2.html#ixzz2j9ESSyGb

An Appeal from the Circuit Court for Miami Dade County, Judge William Thomas - DENIED. March 31, 2010

Florida Action Films, Inc. v Green East No. 2 Ltd., 29 So. 3d 471 (2010)
35 Fla. L Weekly D748

29 So. 3d 471 (Mem)
District Court of Appeal of Florida, 
Third District.

FLORIDA ACTION FILMS, INC., Ted Vernon Specialty Automobiles, 
Inc., Ted Vernon and Estate Marketing, Inc., Appellants, 
GREEN EAST #2, LTD., Appellants, 

No. 3D09-944. /  March 31, 2010. /  Rehearing
and Rehearing En Banc Denied March 31, 2010.

An Appeal from the Circuit Court for Miami Dade County, William Thomas, Judge.

Attorneys and Law Firms

*472 Alan K. Marcus, for appellants.

Shutts & Bowen and Stephen B. Gillman, Miami; Shutts & Bowen and Suzanne Youmans Labrit, Tampa, for appellee. 




Wells, Judge. 

The appellees have filed motions for clarification and rehearing in connection with the opinion issued by this Court on December 2, 2009.  We deny the motion for rehearing, but grant clarification, withdraw our previous opinion, and substitute this corrected opinion in its stead.  

Florida Action Films, Inc., Ted Vernon Specialty Automobiles, Inc., Ted Vernon, and Estate Marketing, Inc. appeal from a Final Judgment interpreting and enforcing an easement in a 1935 deed.  We agree with the trial court that the express easement is unambiguous and accords only an easement of ingress and egress extending only from the northern border of the parcel conveyed in 1935 to 79th Street on the south.  We also agree that no easement by way of necessity over Appellee, Green East #2 Ltd.'s property has been proved to exist. 1 - Lastly, we agree that the court below properly enjoined the Appellants herein from the ir admittedly continuing trespass on Green East's property.  See Autozone Stores, Inc. v. Northeast Plaza Venture, LLC, 934 So. 2d DCA 2006 (confirming that an injunction is an appropriate remedy for a continous or repeated trespass); Overstreet v. Lamb, 128 So 2d 897, 900 (Fla. 1st DCA 1961) (recognizing injunctive relief as an appropriate remedy for "a continuing trespass on land"). 

     1. The evidence was that Florida Action Films, Inc. and Estate Marketing, Inc. own two separate parcels of landlocked property that are adjacent to Green East's property.  In the lower proceedings, the trial court found taht Estate Marketing, Inc.'s property was entitled to an easement by way of necessity over Green East's property and the parties thereafter stipulated to the route of the easement at trial, subject to future modification upon changged circumstances.  That easement is not a subjectof this appeal and this determination. 

Accordingly, the order on appeal is, in all respects, affirmed.  

Parallel Citations

35 Fla. L. Weekly D748

Proof that prior to 1936 a PRIVATE STREET existed on the property. This was IGNORED by Judge Thomas!

Proof that prior to 1936 a PRIVATE STREET existed on the property owned by Ted and Robin Vernon. The Street was named Annabel Watson Street.  This street was and had been OPEN TO THE PUBLIC for more than 20 years!  All this was written in a court order dated May 23rd, 1957.  This evidence was presented to Judge William Thomas who decided it didn't have any importance to the matter!

Accompanying this order is a  survey of the property created by the Biscayne Engineering Company on November 7, 1956.  The survey includes a sketch of the property that shows the street.