Friday, November 1, 2013

Ted Vernon Specialty Autos and the 40th Annual Daytona Turkey Run

Ted Vernon is a one of a kind personality who's keen eye is highly valued in the Automobile Industry. Mr. Vernon's specialty is the niche market of Antique, Classic and Muscle cars. His enterprise, Ted Vernon Specialty Autos has been in existence for over 30 years as a world renowned specialty automobile dealership in Miami, Florida.

Besides his incredible expertise in the Specialty Automobile market, Mr. Vernon is a legend in his own time. Ted Vernon's career spans into a successful movie actor, film producer and professional prizefighter. He currently stars with his beautiful wife Robin as the principal in his own realty cable TV series “South Beach Classics” currently shown on the Velocity Channel. On his realty show, Mr. Vernon imparts some well heeled experience in the Classic, Antique, Muscle and Specialty car industry providing insider secrets exclusively acquired by him. “South Beach Classics” is full of comical banter and entertainment.

The Daytona Turkey Run is the biggest classic car show of the year, which is why Ted Vernon included it in his first season of “South Beach Classics”. As the caravan of beautiful classic cars heads up north to Daytona Beach, Ted Vernon will be leading the pack to the 40th Annual Daytona Turkey Run.